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Running Form Drills Book A Skip Progression

Running Form Drills Guide

I am excited to announce that my Running Form Drills guide is now available for pre-order at the Apple iBookstore, Kobo and Barnes & Noble. The official release date is 14 November 2013 when preorders will be fulfilled and Running Form Drills will be available at all eBook retailers including Amazon and Smashwords.

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Asbel Kiprop Stride Study Feature Image

Asbel Kiprop Stride Study

Melbourne has been treated to the Asbel Kiprop show twice in the past few years and I’ve been fortunate to be there with my cameras to capture those big wheels turning. Here’s some photos and Asbel ‘the legs’ Kiprop starring in his own slow motion rockstar video.

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Beginner and returning to running training tips

A few weeks ago our running technique coaching business had its largest piece of media coverage to date in Melbourne paper The Age. Mark Gorski and I were interviewed and then Mark conducted a technique training session with two beginner runners. I’ve captured some behind the scenes images here and provided training tips for beginner […]

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A question of balance

Specialty running retailer & coach Mark Gorski share his thoughts on the evolution of the running shoe industry towards minimalism. From a shoe retailer’s view he sees an abyss between minimalist skeptics and passionate barefoot advocates that should be filled with the lightweight trainer category.

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Running through the pain barrier

How many times have you run through an injury or pain? You might be tempted to tough it out, we runners are hard nuts, and we tend to run through pain until we crack, but before you do, think carefully about the long term implications on your running technique of running through the pain barrier.

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