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The pronation foot-type con

For years now shoe salespeople have been fitting runners into running shoe models by carefully inspecting the height of a runners arch or having them walk over a pressure plate and then fit a particular shoe based on the runner’s foot type.  The problem with this type of superficial and frankly spurious analysis is that […]

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Strength training and running technique

The total relationship between strength training and good running technique: One of the great running truisms of the past sixty years has been that training for strength leads to improved athletic performance.  But how does it work?  Is it just about getting stronger, larger muscles or are there other factors at play?  Strength training for […]

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The running injury equation

Whether you run for fitness, pure enjoyment or to satiate your competitive urges, the one thing you have in common with your fellow runners is the need to avoid getting injured. In this article I outline the usual suspected causes of running injuries and their relationship to running technique.

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