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Minimalist running evolves towards the mainstream

Last week Mark and I attended the The Athlete’s Foot conference in Melbourne, giving talks and demonstrations about how we use a gradual minimalist running transition as part of our running technique coaching. Interacting with one of the biggest shoe retail outfits in Australia has given us an interesting insight into where minimalism is or […]

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Running technique myths

Running is a sport that despite being apparently simple is still heavily weighed down by myths. This wouldn’t be a problem, except for the risk of this misinformation causing you to get hurt or injured. I’ll introduce some of the more spurious running technique related myths here.

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The pronation foot-type con

For years now shoe salespeople have been fitting runners into running shoe models by carefully inspecting the height of a runners arch or having them walk over a pressure plate and then fit a particular shoe based on the runner’s foot type.  The problem with this type of superficial and frankly spurious analysis is that […]

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