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Shin splints prevention and treatment

Shin splints more than any other running injury, strikes fear into my heart. Whatever the cause, shin soreness is bad news for any runner. That dull ache that becomes nasty pain down the inside of your shin will stop you running. In this article I look at strategies for monitoring and preventing shin pain.

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Why squats improve running technique

The squat has been a must have exercise for runners over the years, especially for sprinters and middle distance athletes. Recently long distance and marathon runners have also adopted squats & general strength work. Find out why squats help improve running technique for runners of all levels of ability.

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The running injury equation

Whether you run for fitness, pure enjoyment or to satiate your competitive urges, the one thing you have in common with your fellow runners is the need to avoid getting injured. In this article I outline the usual suspected causes of running injuries and their relationship to running technique.

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