Running Technique eBook Affiliate Sales Program

Help me spread the word about the benefits of good running form by promoting my book on your website. Smashwords, the publisher of Running Technique has one of the most flexible and generous affiliate marketing programs getting around. Click on the Smashwords logo below to find out how to make about 30% or $3 for every copy of my book sold through your website. Note: 30% takes effect 1 November 2011 – the current rate is 20%. All you need is a PayPal account and to set-up a special link with your Smashwords affiliate ID. Get started by clicking the logo below.

Hint: this is exactly what I have done above. So if you click the link and then buy a book from Smashwords I would get a commission. I’ve done this just so you know how easy it is to set-up. Commissions flow from Smashwords directly to you.

Why would you want readers to buy from Smashwords rather than another eBook retailer?

  1. You make more commission 20-30% is greater than the affiliate rates offered by Amazon or Apple.
  2. Readers buying from Smashwords can download books in every available format: .mobi for kindle, ePub for iPad and iPhone etc. So you don’t need to buy from a big retailer to enjoy reading Running Technique on your eBook reader whether it be a Kindle or iPad.
  3. Smashwords readers can download future editions of the book for free. Buy it once and be on an endless update cycle as I update, expand and enhance the book over time.
  4. Royalty rates are more competitive for authors like me.

The Running Technique eBook is the first of its kind in making proper running form and the complex area of biomechanics understandable for runners of all levels of ability.  The book demolishes a number of myths, misunderstandings and misinformation in running, leaving the fundamentals of good running technique much easier to understand and implement.

Use this Running Technique eBook cover image on your website:

Download this book cover image to start your marketing campaign.

How else can I help you promote my book?

I’m open to any reasonable suggestion, but here’s a few ideas to get the ball rolling:

  • Write tailored content for your website to wrap around your book offer.
  • Provide comments, quotes or opinions for use on your website.
  • Make a short video.
  • Share the love on social media.
  • Have a conversation on Twitter @BrianRunCoach.

A book published by Smashwords is readable with the following technologies:

  • Amazon Kindle
  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Sony eBook reader
  • Kobo
  • Any Android smart phone or tablet
  • Any computer

This means if you own a proprietary device such as a Kindle, iPad or Sony eBook reader you can buy a book from Smashwords in a file format that will work on your device or devices.  In my case I buy books to read on my Kindle from Amazon and Smashwords.  This gives me access to more books and sometimes better prices.  I can also then read these books on my computer.

Running Technique is also listed for sale at the following major eBook retailers

  • iBookstore
  • Amazon
  • Barnes & Noble

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