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How to make good running technique the focus of your training.

Time saving quality training sessions

Anyone who runs and balances family and work commitments knows it’s a challenge to fit running into your life. This is where an approach that focuses on short bursts of quality can help save time and fit much needed up-tempo running into your schedule. There might even be some gain without pain!

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Secret women’s running business

What female runners (and coaches) need to know. Lisa Biffin shares invaluable insights about the impact of the menstrual cycle on women’s running, training and racing. This topic couldn’t be more important to fulfilling your goals, maintaining good health and maximizing your enjoyment of the sport of running.

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Consistency in running

Consistency is the key to sustaining and improving your running performance levels and is an important training goal in its own right. In this article my coaching partner Mark Gorski gives his thoughts on just how vital this consistency ingredient is to successful running.

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Goal setting and comparing performances

There are more ways than the stopwatch to measuring running success. Benchmarking every run against your best efforts can be counterproductive. What might appear an average performance to an outsider could be a personal triumph for the individual given where it fits with the rest of life’s complexities.

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Coaching benefits for runners

Seeking out coaching or having a critical friend to discuss your training approach can be of great benefit to any runner. From injury prevention and management to creative inspiration, the coach has a massive role to play in the successful achievement of any runner’s goals. In this article I discuss some benefits of and principles […]

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