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Tips about how running technique can be improved by improving the strength, but more importantly the coordination of the muscle groups that drive good running form.

Jerry Schumacher’s strength training secrets: part 1

Athletes trained by Jerry Schumacher consistently run well in their distinctive green singlets. Aside from obvious coaching nous, another reason for their high performance is the excellent strength training program overseen by Pascal Dobert. While it’s a secret, in this three part series I speculate on just what the ingredients might be in this successful […]

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Why squats improve running technique

The squat has been a must have exercise for runners over the years, especially for sprinters and middle distance athletes. Recently long distance and marathon runners have also adopted squats & general strength work. Find out why squats help improve running technique for runners of all levels of ability.

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Strength training and running technique

The total relationship between strength training and good running technique: One of the great running truisms of the past sixty years has been that training for strength leads to improved athletic performance.  But how does it work?  Is it just about getting stronger, larger muscles or are there other factors at play?  Strength training for […]

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