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How to avoid getting hurt running. Using technique to diagnose and cure running injuries.

Foam roller it’s over

Your foam roller is an unsympathetic and hurtful companion to your iliotibial band induced knee pain. Like a bad friend or destructive relationship of any kind, perhaps it’s time you broke up? Maybe you’re ready to say those words “foam roller it is over.” Find out the causes and cures for ITB syndrome.

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Shin splints prevention and treatment

Shin splints more than any other running injury, strikes fear into my heart. Whatever the cause, shin soreness is bad news for any runner. That dull ache that becomes nasty pain down the inside of your shin will stop you running. In this article I look at strategies for monitoring and preventing shin pain.

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Running through the pain barrier

How many times have you run through an injury or pain? You might be tempted to tough it out, we runners are hard nuts, and we tend to run through pain until we crack, but before you do, think carefully about the long term implications on your running technique of running through the pain barrier.

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The pronation foot-type con

For years now shoe salespeople have been fitting runners into running shoe models by carefully inspecting the height of a runners arch or having them walk over a pressure plate and then fit a particular shoe based on the runner’s foot type.  The problem with this type of superficial and frankly spurious analysis is that […]

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The running injury equation

Whether you run for fitness, pure enjoyment or to satiate your competitive urges, the one thing you have in common with your fellow runners is the need to avoid getting injured. In this article I outline the usual suspected causes of running injuries and their relationship to running technique.

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Is running bad for you?

I don’t know how many times someone has said these words to me: “running is bad for your knees” or “isn’t running hard on your body?” Up to about 18 months ago I would probably have begrudgingly agreed with them.  With my stop-start injury plagued running career all the evidence needed to support their running nay-saying.  […]

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