One of the main aims of this website is to publish and promote good writing about running technique.  Initially works will be written by me, however in the medium term I would like to see other authors produce good writing for publication.

Brian’s eBook “Running Technique” has been published – click the cover image opposite to buy your copy in all file formats for easy reading on any eBook reader, smart-phone or PC.

The Running Technique eBook is the first of its kind in making technique and the complex area of biomechanics understandable for runners of all levels of ability.  The book demolishes a number of myths, misunderstandings and misinformation in running leaving the fundamentals of good running technique much easier to understand and implement.

More good running books

eBook publishing

The approach I have used is to take advantage of access to and improvements in technology that allow serious publication of electronic books (eBooks) by independent authors.  The eBook publisher Smashwords has a fantastic business model and technology platform to support this approach, which is why my eBooks will be published through this service.  There are three main advantages of using Smashwords:

  • Publication of eBooks into all major formats so readers are not locked into reading on a specific device or compelled to buy through a single retailer
  • Good distribution networks
  • Competitive royalty rates for authors

A book published by Smashwords is readable with the following technologies:

  • Amazon Kindle
  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Sony eBook reader
  • Kobo
  • Any smart phone
  • Any computer

This means if you own a proprietary device such as a Kindle, iPad or Sony eBook reader you can buy a book from Smashwords in a file format that will work on your device or devices.  In my case I buy books to read on my Kindle from Amazon and Smashwords.  This gives me access to more books and sometimes better prices.  I can also then read these books on my computer.

The books are then listed for sale at the following major eBook retailers

  • Smashwords
  • Barnes & Noble
  • iBookstore store
  • Amazon (soon)

Physical publication:

Ultimately I’d like to see my work in print.  If you are a publisher or literary agent please contact me using the form below to discuss opportunities:

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