Running Technique Tips Podcast

Image of Brian finishing the 2017 Melbourne Marathon

Brian re-discovering running at the 2017 Melbourne Marathon Festival

After a long break Running Technique Tips is back with a Podcast following the learning journeys of myself and old running friend Lisa Biffin as we build towards the 2018 Melbourne and New York Marathons. The last few years were pretty busy on the work front and consequently running and blogging etc took a backseat to other priorities. However, after running my first marathon last year, and quitting my job – hooray, I’m feeling inspired to write the odd blog and try out the podcast format while I learn more about the marathon event and how to train for it. Lisa and I will be sharing a unfiltered commentary and reflections on our training including: our different philosophies, mistakes, successes, failures, and discoveries made along the way. I’m guessing it won’t be perfect or pretty, but this isn’t an Instagram story – it’s trying to train for a marathon while life gets in the way.

Please have a listen to the first couple of episodes embedded below and share with your running friends and communities. You can find the podcast on Apple iTunes, Google, Podbean, Pocketcasts, and soon Spotify. If you like what we’re doing please provide a review and rating to help us reach others who might find this project useful.

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