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I am excited to announce that my new Running Form Drills guide is now available for pre-order via the Apple iBookstore, Kobo and Barnes & Noble. The official release date is 14 November 2013 when preorders will be fulfilled and Running Form Drills will be available for purchase at all eBook retailers including Amazon and Smashwords. There are links to pre-order this book as you scroll down the right hand-side of this post or below this page if you’re reading on a smartphone.

What this new running drills guide covers

Running Form Drills Book

Running Form Drills continues my examination of good running technique and how to train for it. This 10,000 word guide explains how to practice running form drills and gives insights into how each drill can help you recognise, learn and practice good running form.

The intention is to use Running Form Drills as another way to practice how to run. Free online video resources complete a handy toolkit for any runner.

Each running drill is explained in the context of good running technique and gives insights into old favourites such as the A & B marching and skipping drills, arm-swing, lunging, bum-kicks and a special drill for beginners. This provides a simple and comprehensive suite of form drills that any runner can begin to learn and use in their training.

The experience of using drills to teach good technique

The book fleshes out in detail the issues coach Mark Gorski and I discussed in the video below that was released late 2012 and captures the lessons of using running drills with runners to teach elements of good running technique.

How to use the guide and resources

The best way to use this guide is to read the instructions and theory, watch the video demonstrations and then practice doing the drills appropriate for your level of experience. Then keep referring back to the book and video resources to troubleshoot and improve your approach as your coordination and skill develops.

I have provided  demonstration videos on the supporting resources page and will release further instructional videos and photography as the book goes live.

Running Form Drills Book A Skip Progression

More training guides and resources coming soon

I have more eBooks currently in production that will further expand on the elements covered in my first book Running Technique. These will also be very practical and simple guides that anyone can pick-up and make use of, hopefully one more in 2013 and another in early 2014.

The practical guides under production will capture and further explain the coaching approach and tools that we’ve used over the past few years. Only then can I finally embark on the daunting task of producing the second edition of Running Technique. This will also become a more practical guide and be filled with all of the learnings that only working with all kinds of runners on technique can provide.

Your help and support is needed and valued

I’ve made a specific point of thanking all of the readers and anyone who has helped me progress my work in the early pages of the Running Form Drills guide and I’ll do so again here – thank you all!

If you have the chance to share this post through your social networks I’d greatly appreciate your help in spreading the word. Of course if you’re able to pre-order a copy that would be fantastic too.

Thanks again for all your support.

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2 Responses to Running Form Drills Guide

  1. charles October 19, 2013 at 1:11 pm #

    Looking forward to your lastest book. Sounds like it will be a valuable tool for runners seeking to improve their technique.

    • Brian October 19, 2013 at 5:55 pm #

      Thanks Charles, I’m hoping it’ll be a useful part of a broad learning and training toolkit.