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There’s no doubt humans are very connected to running, it’s been our primary form of swift and economical movement for thousands of years.  Some even argue that the human ability to endure and run for long distances has allowed us to become the dominant force we are today.  I don’t get primal flashbacks to persistence hunting scenes when I run, but I do get a sense of calmness, belonging to the environment and a buzz when I’m done that’s hard to beat.

I’ve loved running since I was a young teenager, but the problem was it didn’t love me back.  Soreness and injury forcing me to abandon running for long periods or at other times only jog one or two days per week.  Eventually at age 33 I got serious and tried to give running another chance.  I followed all the right training advice, ran in all the recommended shoes and worked hard in the gym.  I even swam a few days a week to give my muscles a chance to recover.  And it worked … but only to an extent, I was still getting sore, but more importantly I wasn’t able to run as well as I thought I should be able.  So weekly massages became part of the routine, those massages were a killer, working through my smashed thighs and ITBs and along my hurtful shins.  They helped keep me on the road, but eventually I again succumbed to injury.

In the process of diagnosing the cause of the injury I realized that I didn’t know how to run properly.  How did I come to this realization?  I had some video taken of my running technique – a gait analysis you could call it.  I shopped the video around to a few professionals and realized that there was very little specific expert advice available about good running technique.  It was easy to see I didn’t move the same way as more talented runners, but what I didn’t understand was why and what I could do about it.

So it was never intended to come to this.  The answers about my own running shortcomings and what I could do to alleviate them were not easily forthcoming.  By the time I read through most popular running texts and started delving into biomechanics academic journals, I knew I needed to start documenting what I was finding.  I was getting the answers I wanted now but they were so deeply buried in scientific literature and encoded in difficult language that I decided writing a book on running technique for regular runners would be a useful thing to do.

That project is drawing to a close now and publication online is only weeks away.  Over the course of two years I’ve examined every possible aspect I could think of and find in relation to what good running technique is and how regular runners can get it.  The finished product is something I’m excited about sharing; a detailed but easy to understand guide for a runner of any level of ability to understand, learn and train for better running technique.  Everything I’ve written is geared towards helping you run better.

This website well help share some of my ideas, but more importantly look closely at the challenges all runners face in trying to do what we love – running.  I’m also hoping to capture as much unwritten lore and experience about running technique as possible.  I’ve learned a lot about the subject, but there is no doubt there is always more to know, I hope by sharing I can continue to learn.  Finally, I trust that visitors to this website and readers of my book will be able to learn as I have to love your running.

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