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Writers always approach the blank page with trepidation.  What if nothing good comes out?  What if there’s nothing to say?  When I first began entertaining the thought of writing an eBook about my experiences in changing my running technique I had exactly those thoughts in my mind.  Was there really enough material to justify a book?  Fast forward 12 months and the answer is clear, as the book draft grew to something approaching 100,000 words I knew there was plenty to say, in fact there was too much material to include in a single book.  During the second draft I was cutting material that didn’t fit, but would have been great to discuss on the web.

That brings me to the reason for bringing this website into the world.  The eBook is on its way and I’m excited about launching it soon, but there is much more to say and definitely more to discuss about running technique.  For all of the conclusions I reached through my own research, observation and experience another few questions always remained.  And if it wasn’t a question, it was the search for a reason – I know this happens in good technique, but why?  Running Technique has not been researched and written about extensively so there’s plenty of whys and hows floating around that need resolution.

There is a real lack of good scientific evidence available about running technique.  I certainly found the task of finding good studies a challenge when doing my own research.  There’s a good chance that some good quality research does exist, but it may well be locked away inside national sports institutes and even in the research and development labs of sports shoe manufacturers.

One thing is certain there is not much guidance written for runners on what they should be aiming for in improving their running technique and how to make this happen.  If there is one overriding goal I have for writing my eBook “Running Technique” and launching this website it is to provide that information in a clear, easy to understand way.  The website also gives me the opportunity to use the skills I picked up over the past few years working in the online learning area of an Australian University.  There is only so much you can do to communicate about a physical skill like running with words and still photography.  You need video and other multimedia; you need to be able to interact with someone occasionally to clarify their understanding.  Can you show someone how to improve their running technique online?  I think so, but ultimately you can be the judge of that.  I hope you enjoy reading more in the months and years ahead.

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